The Initiative's 3 Pillars

CCA’s U.S.-Africa Health Security and Resilience Initiative includes three focus areas that have been identified as critical pillars for strengthening African health security and building resilience:

Universal Health Coverage Implementation in Africa

Goal: Support the implementation of UHC as a key pillar to African health security and building resilience.

Disease Response and Management Preparedness

Goal: Building Africa’s capacity to respond to and better manage disease threats through disease surveillance and supply chain capacity building.

Africa Health Sector Trade and Investment

Goal: Promote commercial and investment opportunities aimed at strengthening Africa’s health systems.



Driving the Initiative

The initiative will establish a high-level private-sector task force, convene, presidential/ministerial roundtables, and mobilize partnerships to promote U.S.- Africa trade and investment in Africa’s health sector.

The Task Force includes CCA Health members that shape the initiative’s agenda and engage with other key stakeholders in Africa’s healthcare industry with similar or overlapping interests, ideas or perspectives. The task force is led by 2 co-chairs and is exclusive to CCA Health members.


The initiative will advance its goals through the 4 core activities which include:

  • Presidential and Ministerial Forums
  • Country and Region Focused Investment and Trade Roundtables
  • Policy Recommendations and White Paper Deliveries
  • U.S.-Africa Health Database and Online Resource Center


The value proposition

Access to High Level U.S. and African Government Representatives

Meet the key African heads-of-state, ministers and high-level decision maker and engage with key U.S. government agency appointees to advocate for your business interest.

Unparalleled Networking with Global Health Leaders

Connect with U.S. and African health industry leaders and discover new business partners.

Insights on the most important issues affecting healthcare on the continent

Stay up to date on the latest information on health sector trade and investment via the U.S.-Africa Health Database and Online Resource Center.

Advocate to shape effective Africa trade and investment health policies

Contribute to health sector policy recommendations presented to U.S. and African government as well as other key health stakeholders.